Website Design

Website Design – Combining Beauty and Function

Website design consists of various layers that combine to create a beautiful online experience for your users. We use special tools and techniques to customize each component of your site, giving us control over the layout, feel and look. These components include graphic design, user experience (UX), search engine optimization, and content creation. The collaboration of these elements determines how your site works and feels to the user on different devices. According to Time Magazine, the average attention span of a user is about 8 seconds, so you only have limited time to engage your audience before they exit. Websites that contain videos tend to have higher engagement and conversion rates.

Do I Need A Professional To Design My Website?

First impressions matter and cannot be reversed. If you want to establish your brand online and reach more customers, it is vital to have a professional-looking site. It separates you from competitors and helps to build authority and trust in your market. A poorly designed website is a direct reflection of your business and can frustrate customers. Poor user experience can result in high bounce rate, decreased rankings, and loss of sales. We suggest that you build and take ownership of your business’ website as opposed to using a service that charges you monthly for limited designs and content. Our professional WordPress sites are easy to edit and update, and are yours to keep forever. A user that is impressed with your website usually leads to a conversion and ultimately, a customer or client.

What Can YLSG Website Design Services Do For Me?

If you already own an existing website that is outdated or just not meeting your standards, we can rebrand and redesign your site. We can also optimize your current site for Google search engines, update the website’s design, and improve its functionality.
Or we can create a custom website just for your business that is easy to navigate and expand in the future. Our websites can come pre-designed with your keyword research and local SEO so your content will be discovered by search engines faster. We only use high quality content and images to keep your pages engaging and informative to the user and employ minimalist designs to make text more legible and remove unneeded elements that can cause clutter and high bounce rate.