Review Management

Your Local SEO Review Management

Even though managing reviews is one of the most important ways to keep your rankings up in local seo, review management is often overlooked or passed off for later by many business owners. Responding to positive or negative reviews gives prospective customers an important opinion of how their interaction with your business will probably go. The response within itself, shows that you’re attentive to and concerned about your customers’ satisfaction as well as your business. Making people feel appreciated after a sale assures them that you truly appreciate their business and will highly increase their chances of using you again. Imagine a restaurant where the waiter is not friendly, doesn’t ask your name or engage in small talk, and disappears after you sign the bill. Now imagine being greeted by a big warm smile who knows your name and even knows what you prefer on the menu. Big difference, right? If the food is similar in comparison, there is no doubt as to which establishment you prefer.

Can Your Brand Benefit From Review Management?

As business owners, sometimes we may not be very personable or deal with people socially. Our personal lives get in the way and create barriers that make it hard to be professional and wear that hero cape all the time. This should not affect your business. At Your Local SEO Guru, we feel it is very important for people to clock out and download. Maybe you’re so busy that replying to reviews is the last thing you feel you have time for. I understand because I’ve been there. Just keep the paper coming, right? We can make your life easier by managing your reviews for you so you’re fresh and motivated to do what you do best!

The Tasks Of A Review Manager

Not only do we respond to your reviews, we show you our proven technique to increase your reviews and boost your presence in search engines. We understand how search works and ranking results are collected. One of the metrics Google uses to rank businesses is the number of reviews collected so we encourage you to collect a review every chance you can and of course respond to it. Most business owners fell that “if I do a good job, they will post a review anyway.” Why leave that possibility hanging in the air if you can simply ask the customer for a review yourself?

Your Perks When We Manage Your Reviews

Imagine planning the rest of your week, month, or even year focused on improving your craft and not having to worry about customers’ opinions. They matter but should not be your focus. I would sometimes get distracted by a negative review for days and it would affect my performance because I attempt to perfect any task I perform to the best of my ability. The harder you try to achieve perfection, the more you realize that you cannot make everyone happy. I had to realize the importance of doing my absolute best then moving on to the next task. We help you to keep moving on without having to deal with emotions or doubts from a previous negative experience by responding to negative and positive reviews in a professional and friendly manner and will promptly alert you of any issues that you need to personally address.

Review Management Services We Provide

We provide professional review management for Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp accounts. Our replies will make your customers feel appreciated and apart of your “business family.” We address each customer by name, express your appreciation, and even invite them to contact you in the future if they need any further assistance. If you need reviews managed on any other platforms, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.