Google Maps Suspension Reinstatement

The Long Road To GMB Reinstatement

Going through a Google My Business suspension and reinstatement can be quite frustrating. A few days go by and the phone seems to not ring as much but you pass it off as just a couple of those “not so busy days.”
You check your website. It’s live. Your social media posts are live. But something doesn’t feel right. Then you remember the last time this happened and for some reason you decide to check your Google My Business Listing.
You grab your phone and google your favorite keyword then your heart sinks in your chest when you find out it you’ve been suspended.

You’ve may experienced your GMB place being temporarily closed because of “suggested edits” (I wonder by whom) and other things that may trigger a less impactful Google penalty, but never a suspension like this.

Your only existence in Google Maps is gone. Your precious reviews are gone and you no longer appear in the local snack pack. All of your local competitors are gaining ground while you’re slowly slipping into darkness.

Eventually your phone stops ringing except for the health insurance and business funding salesmen, and oh yeah of course…that local SEO company cold-calling you about an unclaimed listing and being on Page 1.

Sound pretty bleak huh? I’m painting this visual to emphasize the importance of staying aware of and in compliance with all Google guidelines and updates to maintain a healthy listing and build a moat around your GMB place.


There are 3 levels of suspension and your listing can be suspended for a number of reasons, depending on the severity of your violation.
Soft Suspension
Hard Suspension
Account Suspension


The questions on the Google My Business reinstatement form are set up to ensure you follow strict procedures and provide proof of compliance to recover from whatever Google violation that you’ve been penalized for. The problem is most of us don’t know why we were penalized and get frustrated, leading to making decisions that may make the situation worse.
You cannot fool Google into reinstating your GMB account. They feel that you’ve earned a hard suspension so the only way to recover your hard-earned reviews and local profile is to give Google exactly what they want.


The first thing you need to do is relax and don’t panic! If your Google My Business Place has been suspended, we can help.
Google My Business Place reinstatement can be a complex procedure that requires a professional with the same skills as an attorney.
If you’ve tried to reinstate your own GMB, you’re probably frustrated because the questions can seem to either lead you in circles or to a dead end.
This is where we come in. Our team of experts have a vast knowledge of each level of Google suspension and the common causes behind each. Not only will we reinstate your account, we will also educate you on why it was suspended, how to avoids future penalties, and how to build a moat around your listing to protect against attacks.