Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Why is doing competitor analysis in your field so important? The way people search for services and products has changed completely and there are endless options to advertise your brand to potential users online. It can be a full-fledged rat-race for customers if you’re in a booming industry which means there is no telling what your competitor might do to gain the upper hand. As soon as you think your website is ranked #1 and get comfortable with hiring 2 more technicians, you may realize that your competitor, Bob The Business Man, just started a Google ads campaign and hired a professional social media manager. This could be detrimental to your rankings and may cause you to get rid of those 2 nice techs you just hired if you didn’t know about in time and have the right strategy to counter.

Competitor analysis takes the spotlight among a multitude of local SEO marketing strategies. We go deep into your competitors advertising campaigns to achieve three goals:

1. Learn their strong and weak points.
2. Uncover missing pieces in your own business strategy.
3. Develop a local SEO strategy to boost your organic ranking.

Inspecting your rivals’ keywords is very important. By determining their targeted keywords and phrases, search volume, and areas of concentration, we discover their most impactful keywords and will adjust your SEO strategy appropriately.

Competitor Keywords

Finding shared keywords in your rivals’ websites provides vital info. Evaluating these commonalities and judging their success or failure in drawing in traffic and conversions enables us to improve your content to better attract your target audience. We analyze the language in their content and understanding their unique value strengths, weak points, and proposals gives us a unique advantage.

Through keyword research, exploiting keyword gaps and taking opportunities to improve your content, we can improve your organic ranking and increase your website traffic and conversions.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitor Rankings

Competitor analysis will also improve your organic rankings. By investigating backlink profiles, social media, and general presence online, we can develop a plan to outrank them in SERPs. It is an ongoing process. Our goal is to put you ahead of your competitors so far by the time they realize and attempt to catch up, its too late. We stay in touch and informed about our market and by utilizing our local SEO services you will remain ahead of the curve and your competitors.


You can learn a lot from reading the reviews and interactions on your competitors GMB and social media pages. Its not hard to tell when a business owner is lackadaisical and is missing the element of personalization with his audience. Lack of responding to reviews is a red flag and tells us that customer service after the sale is non-existent. This can be a problem, especially with negative reviews and does not help in creating recurring customers that feel apart of your brand.